Counting the Cost Part 1

Have you ever felt so passionate about something, that nothing that anybody could say to you could convince you otherwise? Whether its a dream, hobby, or even vacation plans, we all get passionate about something. Our desire to pursue a goal comes from our belief in its ability to make our lives, or others, better. But did you know, that 50% of businesses fail with in the first year of operation, and that 95% of businesses fail within the first five years? Why is that? Planning to pursue something, and actually taking steps of faith to follow-through with those plans, are two completely different actions. Luke 9:57-62 teaches us the importance of counting the cost before making the commitment, especially when it comes to following Jesus. Continue reading


The Challenge of Hospitality

When I think about the meaning of the word hospitality, the first person that comes to mind is Mother Teresa. Most of us know who Mother Teresa is; a Catholic nun, world renown missionary, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner. She gave food to the hungry, medicine to the sick, and took care of the poor. But the challenge of hospitality to those in need, isn’t just limited to those in “ministry,” but is meant to challenge all of us. Luke 14:12-14 gives us an insight of what it means to be hospitable, and who we should be hospitable to. Continue reading

Conquering Our Grudges


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘Grudge”? Every time I hear the word, it makes my heart cringe. One definition that explains this word in a nutshell is a “persistent feeling of ill will towards someone.” When we carry a grudge, we constantly think about it  and it ends up becoming a part of our lives. Having a grudge is exhausting, Luke 13:10-12 gives us a great example of how it affect’s us both spiritually and physically. Continue reading

Giving Up Control

How many of you have control over your lives right now? Trying to keep everything in our control feels like swimming across the Atlantic with weights tied around our ankles.  We live in a society where its all about who can get to the finish line first with the most tasks on their plate. Sometimes we struggle just to find some breathing room in our day-to-day lives. When we are so busy trying to keep things under control we forget the one who is in control of everything. Isaiah 40:12-14 reminds us of God’s control over the universe and keeps us grounded in his loving care for us. Continue reading